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I'm from Vienna, Austria and my family origin is polish.
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i drew steve too tall………………………

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shh… it’s going to be okay

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If looks could kill.

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steve/bucky 10!!!!!!! (shhshhh attached at the hips they’re one person ok)
Steve and Bucky messing around in a photobooth.

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sebastian stan on set // the winter soldier on screen

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bucky sneaking up behind steve at random times during the winter when it’s absolutely frigid out and sticking his metal hand up into his shirt just to watch steve jolt upright and make the most ridiculous sound known to man

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a long-promised bucky for a buddy, alchemistique ;*

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Watched Sunshine again…. 

ughhh… beautiful movie….

Drowning in feels cuz I demand Stucky NASA AU, where Steve is an astronaut on a space station, and Bucky is a retired astronaut because of his arm injury, waiting for Steve on Earth. UGHHHH….

Im lost to humankind.

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Chris makes his way through LAX Airport after arriving on an inbound flight on Saturday (November 9) in Los Angeles.

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Bucky’s Hair

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text posts ft. the avengers

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"You know it’s a little gay, right?" [link]

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