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I am frozen with excitement! I’m gonna read them right now! Thank you!

you’re welcome. please, let me know if you liked them. X3


It has come to my attention tonight that some people don’t know about Chris Evans’s freckles. Let me tell you about his freckles.

#those freckles are beautiful, #but those eyelashes, like WTF? #last pic, i mean… wow, #i wanna touch them #they look like feathers #fly on the wiiings of love

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every damn time a chris evans character gets on a train someone looses a fucking arm

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A good soldier has no use for doubt.

No room for ego.

Always remember Bucky.

More than god.

More than country.

It’s the soldier next to him he fights for.

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Asker misslynxx Asks:
You speak of amazing Thor/Steve FFs out there. Could you recommend any? I need to see this ship in action.
slippeddee slippeddee Said:

hey dear misslynxx,

yes, i could find two for now, here you are:

As I lay by kehinki (1,4K): this is pretty much the best because it left me breath- and brainless. 8’D

Were Thor is boisterous, and Steve is shy by orphan_account (11k): really nice too and extremly cute.

I think I’m gonna update that list if I find more.


Pre-Serum Steve and Peggy fucking, oh lord above, how you deny me this simple pleasure.

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  • 5 favorite characters: Steve, Bucky, Thor, Natasha, Sam or Bruce, can’t decide
  • 3 OTPs: I have a weekness for bottom!Steve, so…. Bucky/Steve, Thor/Steve (holy shit there are good fics out there,lol), oh three… uhm… Sciencebros, i guess :D and yes i shipped Stony a while back, BUUUT
  • Funniest character: Thor,Tony,snarky Steve is funny as hell, I love Nat’s scence of humor in CA:TWS
  • Prettiest character: Steve *u*
  • Most badass character: Bucky, I mean look how  he’s moving like some terminator and Natasha i guess
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: that’s a tough one, actually i’d love to be friends with everyone, Tony for the parties and his comments,Steve for brunching on sundays, Natasha for shopping and  vacations,Clint and Thor for hanging out at the pubs, Sam  and Bucky for karaoke and clubbing and Bruce for some book/comic-club-meetings,lol
  • Character that’s ruined my life: Bucky, because he reappeared and made everything more complicated, damn….

I knew i’m not the only one

tbh, steve rogers would be the most perfect disney prince everyone could wish for